Global Reach

As per recent statistics, the social networking platform has seen a total of 1.47 billion users in the year 2012 which has been estimated to grow to an approximate 1.75 billion users by the end of 2013. The biggest perk of social media marketing is the global reach it ensures. Marketing on social media platforms is not limited to a particular area, but to the whole world. By adopting social media marketing as another medium of advertising, you get the opportunity to advertise your product or service in front of the whole world.

SEO benefits

Traffic on any company website automatically optimizes with a clocked Social Media Community page vis-à-vis discussions involving the brand. The viral dosage of various links being posted on diverse social media platforms doubles the chances of getting clicked as compared to not having a social media community page

Two-way communication

Advertising on Social media platforms is a two-way communication process where companies can immediately interact with the audience without any delays. Audience can directly post a query to the company and companies can immediately reply back while eliminating any delays in communication.


Internet has a proven track record of being an inexpensive source of information made available to users all around the world. With various Social media marketing techniques that can be used widely on the web, Internet remains an inexpensive and comparatively a successful tool for advertisements. Lower cost of investment for advertising helps in experimenting with strategies and the immediacy with which strategies can be changed makes it easier to track the statistics of the page.

Brand reputation management

Managing a brand’s reputation is another advantage to social media marketing. Brands can maintain rapport with their audience by being responsive on time and with the right notes to attend to any query or discussion. Exhibiting their forte with a direct revert results into a better impression in the consumer’s mind. Since internet is another world to operate it, brand reputation management comes gifted with the various conversion enhancing modes of social media marketing.