Organic traffic conversion

With over 250 million websites on the web, without any Search Engine Optimization on your page, the traffic conversion would be equivalent to Nil. With accurate and updated SEO techniques applied on the page, your website rankings increase bringing you on the first page of any related search; increasing the chances of Organic traffic conversion

SEO beats paid traffic

When searching on Search Engines, 93% of users don’t look further than the first 2 pages of search results. It has been widely observed through various surveys that 33% of users believe that companies found in the top search results are major brands and will be most valuable to invest into. With Search Engine Marketing, any website can be listed on top of every search related to the business’ and the user’s interest.

Cost effective

A well-designed and optimized page rakes in better results as compared to a page optimized with a budget spent on it. Search Engine Optimization is inexpensive and its benefits are not limited to a particular time zone or location. The globalization factor stems to Search Engine Optimization and benefits the page equally.

Better ROI

As per online standards, SEO is the most effective in terms of conversions from traffic. Search Engine Optimization is a technique which remains the backbone for any page. What's a page worth if it doesn't bring in profits. With SEO benefits, Return on Investment is higher as compared to any other online technique.