Instant results

With the advancement of smartphones and the easy accessibility they offer, mobile marketing remains an
instant tool to yield results 24/7. Consumers carry their mobile phones with them throughout the day, if they
are targeted on the basis of their cell phone usage. They are more likely to access and respond to an advertisement.

Viral potential

Another plus point of ORM is having your company’s back-links being spread on the internet with the help of
SEO techniques. Having keywords-rich articles exhibiting the services and products being offered by the company
makes it easier for the page to appear atop every search, thus increasing trust ability and traffic on the

Limited Competition

Mobiles are a platform having a huge potential, but very less adoption towards marketing techniques. Businesses
can take the advantage of the limited competition on this platform and explore it further to make it
profitable for the business and strengthening its roots on the platform.

Generate long-lasting leads

Databases having phone numbers as a unique ID are more effective in terms of revenue, since a user is
more likely to keep his/her phone number for longer as compared to an e-mail address. With mobile marketing
it is easier to push the advertisement more effectively.