Predefined Targeting

Email marketing is applicable to an audience who has already shown interest in the service. With email marketing; the conversion rate is automatically higher as it targets the audience who has intentionally signed up to the brand’s updates and advertisements.

Increases brand awareness

With email marketing; the company’s brand awareness increases which means if a consumer is to invest in something similar to what you are offering, then he is more likely to spend his money on a brand he is already aware of.

Call to action

Email marketing is the only marketing medium which bridges an easy route between an offer on display and a direct link to a product checkout page within two single clicks. With email marketing, companies can take advantage of the impulsive behavior of a consumer.

Fantastic ROI

According to Direct Marketing Association surveys in the year 2011, Email marketing returns a whooping 40 pounds on every pound invested. Arguably the most profitable and low cost marketing technique to target consumers, email marketing remains a must to drive business profits in the upward direction.

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